Vet Tech Schools in Wyoming

There are some great reasons for becoming a vet tech in Wyoming, but not needing to certify or get a license is not one of them. Even though the state does not have any rules or regulations regarding vet techs, it is still possible to gain certification, and it may be a good idea to do so. In Wyoming, certification is available through the Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association and it can be a way to add more legitimacy to a degree and career. Vet tech schools in Wyoming can provide a way to for students to start working toward an education and reaching toward obtainment of this certification.

Map of Vet Tech Schools in Wyoming

Website Url main address online program Avma Accredited Grads
Eastern Wyoming College 3200 West C St, Torrington, Wyoming, 82240-1699NoYes*12
Northwest College 231 W 6th St, Powell, Wyoming, 82435NoNo7
IPEDS Grads Data(2012), AVMA Data (2014).
* Probationary, ** Planned Closure, *** Closure .

Job Outlook for Vet Techs in Wyoming

Right now, the state of Wyoming has only 240 employed vet techs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those working in the field are mostly employed in the state’s larger cities, such as Cheyenne and Casper. These areas have about 60 vet techs each. Additional vet techs are scattered about in other areas of the state. Vet techs often go where the people and the pets are, so the areas with more people naturally tend to have more jobs. The BLS reports that the number of vet tech jobs across the country is expected to go up, though. It projects a job growth of about 30 percent across the U.S., and this could lead to 25,000 new vet techs as a result of this faster-than-average job growth.

Vet techs pursuing jobs could find more of them in the next couple of years. Some vet techs will want to work in clinics or animal hospitals, but others will want to branch into different territory. They might do this in places such as research labs or in a shelter or zoo.

The Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association is an organization that offers vet techs numerous resources. They can provide certification to techs, and offer info about the Veterinary Technician National Exam. As well, the WVTA has information about education opportunities, news, and more. Joining can be a good way to keep in contact with other vet techs around the state and to reach out through networking opportunities.

Veterinary Career Wyoming Jobs Salary Data (BLS, 2014)
Low Salary (10th %ile) Average Salary (Median) High Salary (90th %ile)
Vet Tech 230 $21,310 $28,730 $40,180
Vet Assistant 150 $19,480 $25,830 $43,230

Top Vet Tech Schools in Wyoming

The right school for vet tech training is highly important, and by this it’s meant finding schools that have accreditation through the American Veterinary Medical Association. This accreditation ensures that students receive a quality education and the knowledge necessary to enter the career field. Students have options for vet tech schools in Wyoming, as well as online programming, but the state has just one on-campus accredited school option. This is why online programs can be turned to for additional options.

Eastern Wyoming College, in Torrington, has full AVMA accreditation and offers an associate of applied science degree. The school is located in a small, rural setting, and the class sizes are small enough to allow for hands-on training. The school’s facilities include labs, kennels, and surgical rooms, and those who graduate from the vet tech program have had a great pass rate on the national exam.

Online schools can be good options for students as well. Students who would like to attend school, but who can’t make it to Eastern Wyoming College can turn to online learning programs. Like with campus-based schools, students will want to make sure that the online vet tech programs they are considering have AVMA accreditation.

One of the more well-known names in online schools is Purdue University, based out of Indiana. It is AVMA accredited and offers training in:

  • Anesthesia
  • Animal care
  • Animal nursing
  • Client education
  • Radiology

Another option for prospective vet techs looking to attend vet tech schools in Wyoming online is San Juan College. The school received its AVMA accreditation in 2006, and has a program that leads to an associate of applied science degree. The school also offers an online veterinary assisting program.

Certification and Accreditation Information for Wyoming

In Wyoming, there are no rules or regulations by state for certifying vet techs. While there may not be any regulations, it’s important to consider going through a semi-traditional route for obtaining certification. It confers many benefits, primarily that employers may want to hire employees who have made this extra step. In Wyoming, it’s possible to receive certification through the Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association. This is a voluntary certification, but something that vet techs in Wyoming may want to obtain.

To do so, candidates need to have graduated from an AVMA accredited school and be a member of the WVTA. They also need to take and pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam. If already certified in another state, the candidate needs to provide verification of their credentials. Vet techs need to renew their certification every two years, and they need to have 10 continuing education credits during those two years. Contact the association to determine what counts toward the continuing education credits.

The vet tech schools used to earn a degree should have AVMA accreditation. When deciding whether to grant accreditation, the AVMA considers many different factors. It looks at the quality of the courses and the curriculum, and examines the experience of the instructors and staff. Students who graduate from an AVMA-accredited program should be confident that they have gained the skills to seek a career in vet tech care.

Vet Techs Must Be Licensed to Practice Licensed Vet Techs Are Called Licensing Requirements Additional Resources
Graduate from an AVMA-Accredited Program Pass the VTNE Additional Requirements
No CVT Yes Yes Wyoming does not require its veterinary technicians to become certified with the Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association (WyVTA). At least two years of education in a vet tech program is generally a requirement for most employers. Taking the VTNE upon graduation may still be advisable for those candidates interested in being employable in other states. Wyoming Board of Veterinary Medicine
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