Vet Tech Schools in Louisiana

Are you interested in becoming a vet tech? It can be a fulfilling job, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of jobs available in the field should grow faster than average from 2012 to 2022. If you want to work in the field, obtaining an education is important, and most programs lead to associate degrees, although some bachelor's degrees are also available. Northwestern State University and Baton Rouge Community College are two schools in the state that offer vet tech programs. Once you choose one of the vet tech schools in Louisiana, the true excitement can begin. Learning is fun, and it gets you ever closer to your dream of working as a vet tech.

Website Url main address vet tech & assistant grads (2012)
Delgado Community College 615 City Park Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119 13
Northwestern State University of Louisiana University Parkway, Natchitoches, Louisiana, 71497-0002 5
Northshore Technical Community College 1710 Sullivan Dr, Bogalusa, Louisiana, 70427 5
Notes:2012 vet tech graduate data from IPEDS (2013).
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Job Outlook for Vet Techs in Louisiana

Job opportunities for vet techs across the country are expected to grow. The BLS put jobs growth from 2012 t0 2022 at 30 percent, must faster than average, and predicts that 25,000 new vet tech jobs should become available. In Louisiana, 1,220 people are employed as vet techs, and most of them are working in the area around New Orleans, with 430 vet techs employed, as well as Lafayette, with about 120 employed. When vet techs are looking for work in the state, they will find many different places to look for jobs. Work could be found in places such as animal hospitals and private clinics as well as animal shelters, research centers, and zoos.

The Louisiana Association of Veterinary Technicians only has a Facebook page, but more information can be found on the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine page. This latter page explains what first-time applicants need to do to seek their vet tech license as well as lists the guidelines that out-of-state applicants need to follow.

Vet Tech Schools in Louisiana

Students will discover a number of vet tech schools in Louisiana that can lead them to new skills and animal care knowledge. When choosing one of these schools, it’s always important to find one that has a good reputation and that features American Veterinary Medical Association accreditation. This accreditation is important because it helps ensure that students should be prepared for the Veterinary Technician National Exam, which is needed to seek licensing.

Baton Rouge Community College offers an associate of applied science degree for graduates of their vet tech program. They have provisional accreditation from the AVMA as well. This particular program is intended for students who want to seek employment in the vet tech field, and not for transfer to another program.

Delgado Community College, located in New Orleans, has full accreditation from the AVMA. The school also offers an associate of applied science degree and offers training in animal care, lab procedures, and more.

Northshore Technical College is another of the vet tech schools in Louisiana worth considering. The school offers an associate of applied science degree, and has provisional AVMA accreditation. Students receive training in animal anatomy, care, and procedures that can help prepare them for a job in the veterinary technician world.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana, in Natchitoches, has full AVMA accreditation, and offers an associate of applied science degree as well as a bachelor's of science degree for those who want a four-year education instead. Getting a four-year degree could open up new and high paying opportunities for vet techs, and staying in school for an additional two years could be worth considering.

Louisiana’s Certification Process and the Importance of Accredited Schools

The Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine takes care of the licensure and renewals for vets and vet techs in the state of LA. The site has the application for those who want to apply to become a registered veterinary technician. It includes all of the rules and the regulations for the first time applicants, as well as for renewals, and for out-of-state vet techs. Those who are applying need to provide either transcripts or a certification of anticipated competition from an accredited program. They also need to take and pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam as well. Once they pass the exam, they can apply for their license through the Board’s site. The site also features a substantial amount of information on continuing education for registered vet techs, and an extensive list of programs and classes that will qualify for CE through the state.

Students who want to become vet techs in the state need to have a good education. The Board only licenses applicants who have a degree from an accredited program. When choosing one of the vet tech schools in Louisiana, students need to check that the school has AVMA accreditation. The AVMA looks at a number of different factors when deciding whether to grant accreditation. These include:

  • Curriculum
  • Institutional accreditation
  • Finances
  • Facility
  • Staff and faculty

Accredited schools have high standards and offer great learning opportunities for students. Students should always look for vet tech schools in Louisiana that have AVMA accreditation as they start planning for a vet tech career.

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