What is Your Pet’s Superhero Alias?


Ever wonder what Fluffy the dog does all day while everyone is gone? Does Spike the iguana seem like they have a mysterious past? Noticed that Speedy the Gerbil has started wearing spandex and a cape? Your pet may be a superhero in disguise.

Unless your pet’s superpower is talking to humans (you never know), give them a hand and two opposable thumbs by helping them come up with their very own superhero name.

All you need is their species and age for the handy-dandy generator below!

Species Age
Dog Professor No Idea Mystery
Cat Captain 0 – 2 months Kid
Guinea Pig The Mystical 2 – 4 months Robot
Hamster Masked 4 – 6 months Guardian
Fish Aqua 6 – 8 months Liberator
Lizard Scarlet 8 – 10 months Surfer
Gecko Crimson 10 – 12 months Hornet
Bearded Dragon Mr/Mrs 1 Crusader
Parrot The Winged 2 Vigilante
Parakeet Doctor 3 X
Cockatoo Major 4 Claw
Ferrett Wonder 5 Patriot
Snake Shadow 6 Man/Woman
Horse Space 7 Wing
Mini-Horse The Phantom 8 Ranger
Pony Agent 9 Doom
Donkey Ghost 10 Blaze
Pig The Flying 11 Cobra
Teacup Pig Ultra 12 Tornado
Duck Incredible 13 Machine
Goose Radioactive 14 Guard
Swan Marvelous 15 Skull
Peacock Femme 16 Shield
Sugar Glider Mini 17 Ninja
Goat Elastic 18 Blade
Pygmy Goat Mighty 19 Rider
Cow Dynamite 20 Hulk
Mouse The Legendary 21 Brain
Rat Super 22 Ghost
Frog Wonder 23 Fist
Turtle The Unbelievable 24 Guy/Gal
Tortoise Speedy 25 Witch
Toad Vengeful 26 Mermaid
Chameleon Psychic 27 Falcon
Tarantula Toxic 28 Arrow
Hedgehog Watchful 29 Master
Sheep The Impossible 30 Bandit
Chickens The Flying 31 Thunder
Turkey Bat 32 Giant
Rabbit Rocket 33 Beast
Gerbil Power 34 Viper
Iguana Night 35 Sorcerer
Crab The Daring 36+ Glory
Bree Nicolello (Writer)

Bree is an urban planner and freelance writer based in Seattle, WA. She has worked on land use and housing policy issues throughout the Pacific Northwest. She previously led Run Oregon Run, a nonprofit dedicated to helping Oregonians run for office and apply to boards and commissions. When not writing, she is lovingly tending to her cast iron pans.