Awesome Vet Tech Gifts for the Holidays



Animals are an essential part of so many of our daily lives and they are an irreplaceable part of every local ecosystem. Keeping animals healthy is a task that would not be possible without the dedication, specialized training, and hard work of veterinary technicians. These highly trained professionals help pave the way for veterinarians to focus on diagnosing, performing surgery, and determining necessary prescriptions. Vet techs are an essential part of veterinary private practices, hospitals, research facilities, zoos, sanctuaries, and more.

When contemplating the best gifts for vet techs, it’s necessary to understand just how hard these professionals work. Veterinary technicians are the first line of comfort for animals and humans who care about them. They are skilled medical professionals who provide nursing and emergency care, plant IVs, take x-rays, perform lab tests, and analyze test results.

Vet techs prepare animals for surgery; administer meds, vaccines, and treatments; and give surgical anesthesia. Vet techs expand the capacity of veterinarians through skilled support—and also enable non-vets to care for their pets at home through education and the explanation of care.

The most awesome gifts are those that reflect real thought for the needs and the values of the person who receives them. If there is a vet tech in your life who you’d like to appreciate with a gift, here are 30 suggestions that are thoughtful, connective, and accessible for any budget. As a bonus, many of the gifts listed also contribute to keeping animals healthy in local communities and all across the planet.

Affordable Gifts for Animal-Lovers ($0 – $20)

A personalized gratitude letter, delivered in person

Sometimes, the best gifts cost nothing but our time and attention. If the vet tech in your life has had a genuinely positive impact on yours, take the time to write a letter to them expressing all the reasons why you’re grateful for them. Set up a short appointment with them to read them the letter in a place that is quiet and private, leave space for them to respond to your letter, and then give them the letter once you’re done!

VetTechLife: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Being a vet tech can be supremely stressful, and coloring is a brilliant way to help induce meditation, relaxation, reduce anxiety, and disconnect from long, busy, stressful days. This coloring book is not only a ticket to relaxation, but it also cuts straight to the humor of what it means to live and work as a vet tech.

Throw in some colored pencils, and this gift is a thoughtful, personal, and hilarious gift to give a veterinary technician.


To help your favorite vet tech perk up for the day, keep up with the pace of healing, and keep providing all the necessary medical support to furry friends, coffee is always a welcome gift. You can buy your vet tech a bag of beans, offer them a gift certificate to a locally-owned shop near their job, or combine the gift of coffee with a personalized letter of gratitude for a truly meaningful and memorable gift.

Hand Lotion

Vet techs wash their hands frequently throughout the day to prevent spreading contagious diseases between animals and to ensure working environments stay sanitary. Without lotion, vet tech hands can become dry, cracked, and painful. Providing a high-quality, unscented hand-lotion is a thoughtful way to thank a vet tech for their hard work, and for keeping things in the clinic or hospital clean and sanitary.

Stethoscope Nametag

Add a tasteful, personalized touch to a vet tech’s stethoscope with a nametag that is unique enough to see but small enough not to be tugged on by frisky patients. You can imprint a name up to 15 characters and choose between a wide range of animal stamps, including dogs, bears, monkeys, birds, pigs, turtles, sharks, owls, llamas, chickens, cats, and more.


Whether the meal is home-cooked or from their favorite local restaurant, a well-fed vet tech is a happy and effective vet tech. Check in about dietary preferences before jumping into preparing a meal. To err on the safe side, choose locally sourced meat from ethical farms, or surprise your favorite vet tech with a delicious vegetarian or vegan meal. You can also provide lunch or dinner gift cards which are available in person at Amy’s Drive-Thru.

Rescue Chocolate

With adorable names representing tasty and original flavors like “Peanut Butter Pit Bull,” “The Dreamy-Creamy Collection” and “Pick me! Pepper,” a Rescue Chocolate bar is sure to be a wonderful gift for a dog-loving vet tech. Both the dark and milk chocolate bars are fairly traded, organic, and vegan. Also, a portion of the proceeds from Rescue Chocolate goes to help a new far-reaching animal rescue organization each month.

Face Masks for Vet Techs

Face masks are one of the most important accessories in 2021-2022 to stop Covid-19 from spreading in public places, including vet tech clinics and colleges. Gifting them with a face mask can help them keep themselves and everyone around safe. For keeping themselves and others healthy, Teepublic has a wide range of masks for veterinary technicians.

These masks are 7″ wide and 4″ tall having a polyester exterior with a soft microfiber lining for added comfort and improved fit. They are printed and assembled in the USA and are machine washable.

Stethoscope Watch

For veterinary technicians who are not so fond of wearing a wristwatch, a stethoscope watch is a perfect time-keeping accessory that can be fit on a stethoscope tube featuring an easy-to-read 24-hour face display, medical symbols printed on the face, and 15-second marked quadrants housed in a water-resistant case for easy disinfecting throughout the day. This watch features a back clip that attaches to most stethoscope tubing.

Prestige Medical, a manufacturer of professional diagnostic instruments and accessories to the healthcare community, offers this stethoscope watch is available in unique color choices and patented designs.

Veterinary Mug

You can surprise your vet tech by gifting them these unique veterinary mugs that will soon become their best support during the long nights of hard work. I Love Veterinary Store has a wide selection of veterinary mugs that have printed vet and animal-oriented images and quotes perfect for vet techs. These quotes are suggested and designed by vet students, vet techs, and veterinarians around the world. Each mug is carefully wrapped, boxed, and shipped out to any address in no time.

Veterinary Engraved Pen

A veterinary engraved pen engraved with veterinary symbols might just be the most affordable yet stylish gift for a veterinary tech. A pen is a vet tech’s most common need. This gift would make their need a bit more stylish. This multi-functional veterinary pen features a flashlight tip and a stylus cap for operating touch screen devices. Its packaging comes in a satin-lined keepsake presentation case for easy gifting. The pen contains a ballpoint writing tip and is compatible with mini-D1 size ink refills.

Mid-Range Gifts for Animal-Lovers ($21 – $100)

Bandage Scissors

Bandage scissors are an essential part of a vet tech’s everyday work. Offering the vet tech in your life a high-quality pair of bandage scissors can be a gift that the vet tech keeps for their entire career. This particular pair, with its unique titanium coating and rainbow finish, also gives the vet tech a stylish pair of scissors that can be easily found in the clinic if borrowed by fellow techs.

Customized Accessories that Help Animal Welfare Organizations

Know a certain animal that your vet tech loves? Do they have a cherished pet of their own? Customize socks, mugs, stickers, phone cases, leggings, sports bras, zip pouches, swimsuits, devotional candles, and more with the face or photo of your vet tech’s favorite pet. As a bonus, Arm The Animals (ATA) uses the proceeds to help support the missions and increase the impact of animal welfare organizations.

Reusable Limited Edition Explore Bottle

Animal lovers know the importance of keeping our oceans free from single-use plastics. Vet techs have physical jobs with lots of movement that can create serious thirst throughout the day. This thoughtful gift provides your favorite vet tech with a way to stay hydrated without polluting our oceans.

This Explore Bottle was created in partnership with astronaut Dr. Karen Nyberg. It features Karen’s signature and imagery she captured from the International Space Station to inspire future generations to explore their love of science, sustainability, and adventure.

Socks that Protect Animals

Socks are both useful and something fun to put under a pair of scrubs. This particular three-pack of socks gives the gift of sea animals (sharks), wild animals (elephants), and pets (dogs)! Not only does the recipient of this gift get some fun animal variety for their feet, but proceeds from this particular box go to support the animal protection work of Oceana (sharks), Conservation International (elephants), and Best Friends (dogs). As another bonus, these socks are organic and fair trade certified.

Shirts With Animals

A vet tech who loves animals probably can’t have enough shirts with animals on them. You can choose to go scholarly with a cat reading a book; heartwarming with adorable pandas; absolutely stunning with an arara bird; or even mythical with a unicorn shirt. The Mountain offers shirts with everything from raccoons, geckos, cats, hippos, hamsters, and gorillas to tigers, bears, and lions, and everything in between.

While the choices for which animal shirts to buy are endless, these particular artist-designed graphic t-shirts are made of pre-shrunk medium weight cotton and dyed with organic dyes, with the printed image applied using non-toxic, eco-friendly inks.

Woof Gift Set

This thoughtful gift is for a wine-loving vet tech who is also a cat parent. In addition to this woof-inspired gift box for your favorite vet tech, their fur baby also gets a doggy bag holder, a giraffe toy, a tennis ball, and a canvas bone. As a bonus, your gift helps other fur babies to find forever homes. Every purchase of this gift basket helps to fund pet adoptions. Perfect for a vet tech with a rescue of their own.

Make a Donation to the Wildlife Conservation Society in their Name

Life creates the conditions for life. For animals, humans, and plants to have the conditions needed to thrive, the ecosystems and habitats still left on earth must flourish so that the animals that live there may succeed as well. If the vet tech in your life understands this truth, a donation to the Wildlife Conservation Society in their name is a wonderful gift as it means money put toward protecting and regenerating habitats in 16 priority regions across the globe.

A Workweek of Healthy, Organic Lunches

Vet tech life is busy, busy, busy. Preparing healthy, wholesome meals can be challenging. Save the vet tech the time, effort, and energy involved in cooking by giving them the gift of pre-cooked meals. Select the meals for them and send them to their job as a surprise, or buy them a gift certificate and let them hand-select the meals on their own. Vegetarian options are available, as are sides and breakfast.

Veterinary Scrubs

Vet techs wear scrubs with their clinic name and logo tastefully displayed. Loose-fitting unrestricted cotton tops are preferred by both men as well as women vet techs. Uniform scrubs worn by doctors and nurses are common in both professional and educational veterinary settings. SmartScrubs offers a wide selection of styles that are perfect for your vet techs. You can gift your vet tech personalized scrubs with custom embroidery options also available. SmartScrubs also offers animal print scrub tops adding excitement and reinforce their passion for pets.


Your favorite vet tech can also be gifted a unique, cuddly, and super-soft blanket. Winters can get really cold and it is always fun cuddling with your pet on the sofa, drinking hot cacao, and covering yourself with one of these cute blankets. These blankets are made of microfleece fabric to keep you warm and comfortable. Every blanket features a premium suede polyester print for beautiful color vibrancy. You can also customize the print on these blankets by sending a photo of your favorite print.

Generous Gifts for Animal-Lovers ($100+)

Massage Gift Certificate

Being a veterinary technician is an extremely physical job and many vet techs will spend the day bending, crouching, lifting, standing, and sometimes even restraining animals. Helping a vet tech take care of their body is a very thoughtful gift. For relaxation, a Swedish-style massage can do the trick. To help relieve muscle tension, you can give the gift of a deep tissue massage.

Dansko Clogs

At a median salary of $17.43 per hour in the US (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), a pair of Dansko shoes is equal to more than one day of a vet tech’s work. If you have heard the vet tech in your life complaining about aching feet, Danskos are the gold standard for comfort, recognized across all medical establishments. This gift is a huge way to take care of the people taking care of animals.

National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) Membership

To keep up relevant credentialing and to continue learning about how best to care for animals, vet techs need to engage in continuing education (CE) long after they graduate from vet tech programs. Membership in NAVTA connects vet techs to free CE resources and networks where they can influence policy and regulation. Additionally, it can provide several other discounts to resources and materials useful to those in the veterinary world.

A Stethoscope with a Lifetime Warranty

Because of the aforementioned salary considerations, giving a vet tech the gift of a stethoscope where failing parts can be replaced is a huge gift. The ear tips, diaphragms, and retaining rings of this stethoscope will be replaced at no charge, and defective tubing will cost only shipping and handling to replace. For vet techs working with large animals, Ultrascope offers extended stethoscopes. For vet techs working with animals of mixed sizes, there is also a dual-head option available. In addition, there is a wide range of heads to choose from to gift your favorite vet tech with something personal and fun.

Donate to the Pollinator Partnership in their Name

Seventy-five to 95 percent of the flowering plants that feed both humans and animals require the assistance of pollinators to reproduce. With animals like bees, bats, butterflies, moths, birds, and other pollinating creatures experiencing sharp population declines, the animal-loving vet tech is likely interested in protecting these vulnerable populations from further habitat destruction. Supporting pollinator protecting organizations like the Pollinator Partnership in the name of the vet tech is a wonderful holiday gift.

Hopkins Antimicrobial Multipocket Backpack

With several medical bags available in the market, this one stands out for its antimicrobial material preventing the growth of bacteria and microbes. This medical backpack can help your vet tech to a great extent as it is thoughtfully designed for supporting medical professionals on the go with multiple compartments, sleeves, and pockets. Vet techs can safely transport their laptops within the slim, padded laptop sleeve that has a velcro closure. The second sleeve can secure tablets or quick notes.

Air Purifier

One of the most expensive gifts on this list, this air purifier by Bissell Inc can be the most helpful one. Whether your vet tech owns a single pet or maybe a small army pet, this purifier will help in keeping the air as clean as possible. A three-stage filtration process eliminates almost every particle, down to the tiniest microns. This includes pet dander, dust, smoke, odors, and pollen.

This AHAM-certified air purifier also has a touch dial that allows you to control both fan power and speed. Additionally, proceeds from every purchase go towards the Bissell Pet Foundation for helping save homeless pets.

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