7 Great Northern California Vet Tech Schools

Studying Veterinary Technology is a wonderful way to dedicate your career to helping animals as well as the humans who love them. There are vet tech schools throughout the United States, but most students find it most convenient to find a school located in the community where they already live. This is why we have created this list of seven great Northern California vet tech schools. Each school listed here offers an accredited, thorough vet tech program for anyone who is serious about starting or continuing their career in the veterinary field.

Foothill College
Address : Los Altos, CA

Foothill College, located in the Silicon Valley city of Los Altos Hills, offers a two year Associates Degree in veterinary technology. The Foothill College program has been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities. Further, the vet tech program takes place in a USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service licensed animal facility. The program has extremely high graduation rates, with more than 90% of graduates passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam each year. Students who wish to continue their education past the two years will be well prepared to transfer to a four year institution at the end of the program.

Carrington College, Citrus Heights
Address : Ctirus Heights, CA

Although they have a number of campuses throughout the western United States, the Carrington College location in Citrus Heights, California offers a top Northern California veterinary technology program. The two-year program culminates in an Associate of Science degree in Veterinary Technology and is designed to prepare graduates for entry level jobs in veterinary offices and animal hospitals. The program emphasizes science fundamentals, such as biology, chemistry, and anatomy but also includes practical skills and hand on internship experience for all students.

Cosumnes River College
Address : Elk Grove, CA

Cosumnes River College in Sacramento California has an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited vet tech program. Graduates will receive an Associate of Science degree in veterinary technology and be able to begin their career in veterinary science with confidence. The program includes training animal behavior as well important skills such as emergency care, dental care, and surgical assistance. Cosumnes River College is recognized by local employers for the caliber of its graduates. The program provides extensive hands on training in veterinary technology and provides job placement assistance upon graduation.

Carrington College, San Leandro
Address : San Leandro, CA

As one of the Northern California institutions most dedicated to training a new generation of vet tech students, Carrington College does appear on this list again, this time with Carrington College in San Leandro. The San Leandro campus offers a similar two-year program and is able to share ample resources with other Carrington College locations. Graduates will be prepared to stay in Northern California and begin their career in animal care with an Associate of Science degree, or travel elsewhere with the knowledge they have the skills to succeed.

San Joaquin Valley College
Address : Fresno, CA

At the Fresno campus of San Joaquin Valley College, Northern California students can study for an Associate of Science degree in veterinary technology. This vet tech school offers a two-year program that focuses on the fundamentals of animal nursing, the realities of working in a veterinary setting, and the procedures and diagnostic tools necessary to succeed as a vet tech. Students will also be able to experience veterinary care first hand when they rotate through local animal care facilities for hands-on training.

Generic Image
Address : Marysville, CA

Yuba College in Marysville, California offers a Registered Veterinary Technician program. The Associate of Science degree program teaches the fundamentals of veterinary technology, but does so with areas of focus in mind. In particular, Yuba College students will learn how to care for large animals, how to administer medicine to shelter animals as well as laboratory animals, and will study important aspects of public health as they relate to veterinary technology. The program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medicine Association and graduates are eligible to take the California State Board Licensing Examination for Veterinary Technicians.

California State University, East Bay
Address : Hayward, CA

For those students that want to study veterinary technology but do not yet have the time to commit to an associate degree can consider taking an online certificate course at California State University in the East Bay. This program is entirely online and while it does not qualify students for the vet tech exam, it does serve as a good introduction to the field and is incredibly convenient for working professionals.


While the deciding factor in choosing the schools that appear on this list was that they be located in Northern California, there were also a few other requirements that we considered, as follows.

  1. Accreditation: Each of the colleges on this list has received accreditation from a nationally recognized organization of higher learning. Most of the programs are accredited by the American Veterinary Medicine Association. These accreditations mean that the programs have been evaluated for their thoroughness, facilities, and general competence in providing the education they promise their students.

  2. Exam Eligibility: At the end of the majority of these programs, students are eligible to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam. While no program can guarantee that a new vet tech will pass this exam, it is an essential part of becoming a vet tech. Students that dedicate themselves to their studies should be able to become registered vet techs should they so choose.

  3. Geography: Even the region of Northern California is larger than many states. The schools represented here are spread across that diverse region, offering educational opportunities to many different California residents.

Barry Franklin (Editor)

Barry is the Managing Editor of VetTechColleges.com, operated by educational web publisher Sechel Ventures Partners LLC, which he co-founded. Previously, Barry served as a VP at a Silicon Valley software company. In addition to running editorial operations at Sechel, Barry also serves on the Board of Trustees at a local K-8 school, and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. He presently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family and their black maltipoo.