25 Great Animal Care Blogs

Following blogs is one of the best ways to get a number of fresh perspectives on a field as diverse and rapidly evolving as animal care. Blogs abound for pet owners, livestock owners, veterinarians, vet techs, and all manner of animal care professionals. The blogs included in this list are updated regularly with news, tips, and useful information about animal care, and all are worth a look, and a follow.

Our List of Great Blogs

1. ASPCA Pet Care Blog – In their advocacy for animal health, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) posts blog entries on a number of different topics. In their pet care blog, they write about anything from pet toxins and heartworms to the importance of regular grooming. While the blog is largely directed to pet owners, aspiring vet techs or other animal care professionals can also learn from it.

2. All Natural Pet Care Blog – For regular information and ideas on natural pet care, particularly nutrition, be sure to check out the All Natural Pet Care Blog. The blog also includes information about exotic pets including reptiles and fish.

3. National Animal Interest Alliance – The blog for the National Animal Interest Alliance is not without controversy as the group often criticizes more militant animal welfare organizations. However, they do post regularly about issues of pet responsibility and health.

4. Pet Connection – PetConnection is definitely a top animal care blog. Written by a team of experienced veterinarians, trainers, and journalists this blog covers topics such as pet food recalls, behavior, and breeding.

5. The Daily Vet – As part of the PetMD website, The Daily Vet blog contains loads of useful information on basic pet care as well as current events such as dog flu outbreaks, veterinary teaching practices, and pet nutrition insights.

6. DogStar Daily – For dog specific posts, DogStar Daily is a great choice. The blog includes posts about everything from dog aggression and socialization to housetraining.

7. Riley and James Fan Club – This blog is written by a veterinarian but has a much more personal bent than some other animal care blogs. Dr. Shawna Finch writes not only about her own pets, and preventive pet care, but also includes posts about her family and experiences working as a vet. Definitely an interesting read.

8. Pawcurious – Pawcurious is a veterinary blog written by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, a graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. “Dr. V” as she is known on the blog writes conversational and informative posts about all aspects of veterinary care, with a particular affinity for dogs. Dr. V is also a Certified Veterinary Journalist.

9. Brenda Tassava Blog – Interested in the administrative side of animal care? Then look no further than Brenda Tassava’s veterinary management blog. Ms. Tassava has more than 17 years of experience in the veterinary industry and brings that unique perspective to her blog, along with other writers of equal caliber.

10. Dr. Patrick Mahaney – Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a Los Angeles-based holistic housecall veterinarian and certified veterinary journalist who blogs about pet care with compassion and knowledge. He freely shares stories of the pets in his own life alongside useful tips about maintaining healthy family animals.

11. Journey of an ER Veterinarian – Working in emergency medicine – whether that’s as a DVM or an MD – is an incredibly stressful job. In this blog, an ER vet recounts stories of the ER along with

12. Horse Kinetics – While many blogs on this list are largely focused on small domestic animals like dogs and cats, horses are extremely common patients for some veterinarians. This veterinarian written blog covers horse care for working animals as well as pets.

13. VetMedicine.about.com – With a large roster of veterinary writers and an even larger collection of content, the VetMedicine blog from About.com is a very useful resource for both veterinarians and pet owners alike.

14. Your Pet’s Best Friend – For a unique, personal, small town perspective, check out this veterinarian’s blog. He shares the details of difficult cases as well as general pet care tips for his readers.

15. Animal Welfare Approved – This blog veers a bit off course from the other animal care blogs on this list, but is still worth checking out. Animal Welfare Approved is a label that indicates when meat and dairy products have come from farms with strict animal welfare practices. On the blog, AWA discusses current issues facing humane farming and general animal welfare.

16. Veterinary Practice News – Specifically designed for aspiring or practicing veterinarians, this blog goes into detail about issues facing vets as well as those facing animals.

17. VMDiva – A veterinarian living in the northeastern U.S., Dr. Jennifer Koehl writes her animal care blog for both veterinarians and their clients with a wide range of posts about pet care as well as animal medicine.

18. The Homeless Parrot – While this blog no longer updates, it is still mentioned frequently as one of the best veterinary blogs. Anyone interested in what it means to study to become, and then practice as an ER vet should explore the archives of this animal care blog.

19. A Vet’s Guide to Life – Not quite as much of an animal care blog as a resource for aspiring veterinarians, this regularly updates site is a great place for those interested in studying to be a vet or a vet tech since the writers regularly answer questions about the process.

20. Veterinarian’s Behaving Badly – For a skewed and sarcastic perspective of the world of veterinary medicine, look no further than Veterinarian’s Behaving Badly, which acts as one (anonymous) vet’s outlet for the bad behavior he regularly sees.

21. SkeptVet – The SkeptVet is committed to evaluating the scientific validity of various medicines and therapies, and more generally to the promotion of evidence-based treatment for animals (and humans). The SkeptVet takes a dim view of faith-based treatments without sufficient and transparent effectiveness data, and backs that view up convincingly.

22. Dr. Phil Zeltzman’s Blog – SA mobile veterinary surgeon, Dr. Phil Zeltzman’s blog covers a range of topics but primarily focuses on pet care and tips.

23. Pete the Vet – The love of animals definitely transcends borders. Pete the Vet is a practicing veterinarian in Ireland and on his blog he covers pet care tips that apply in every country. In Ireland he has also appeared on television and written pet care books.

24. DogTime – With plenty of posts about animal news and events, perhaps most interesting on this blog is the frequent Q&As. Experts in pet care answer questions from pet owners as well as aspiring veterinarians with expertise and compassion.

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