24 Great Animal Care Blogs (2022)


Following blogs is one of the best ways to get a number of fresh perspectives on a field as diverse and rapidly evolving as animal care. Blogs abound for pet owners, livestock owners, veterinarians, vet techs, and all manner of animal care professionals. One advantage of reading blogs is that the content can be quite specialized, be it a particular kind of pet, a specific breed, or even advocacy issues.

Information conveyed in blogs is not always vetted so readers should ensure they know who the writers are and what their credentials may be. That is not to say that blogs from average pets owners don’t have value, just make sure any veterinary or medical advice has been vetted by a professional. Lifestyle blogs can be excellent entertainment and a great way to learn what products other people may love, while blogs with veterinary review boards are a reliable source of top-quality animal care advice.

The blogs included in this list are updated regularly with news, tips, and useful information about animal care, and all are worth a look, and a follow.

1. ASPCA Pet Care Blog – In their advocacy for animal health, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) posts blog entries on over 30 different topics. In their pet care blog, they write about anything from pet toxins and heartworms to the importance of regular grooming.

The blog is titled Matt’s Blog and is primarily written by Matt Bershadker, the President and CEO of the ASPCA. While the blog is largely directed to animal welfare concerns, pet owners, aspiring vet techs, or other animal care professionals can also learn from it.

2. All Natural Pet Care Blog – For regular information and ideas on natural pet care, particularly nutrition, be sure to check out the All Natural Pet Care Blog. The blog also includes information about exotic pets including reptiles and fish. Based out of British Columbia, this blog has a strong emphasis on advocacy to help change how people care for their pets.

Its mission is “to educate consumers with easily verifiable facts and information about holistic pet care and natural alternatives, with a focus on nutrition and immunity.” Many posts include citations of reputable scientific research to back up the claims they are making, providing readers with the tools to do additional research should they so choose.

3. DogStar Daily – For dog-specific posts, DogStar Daily is a great choice. The blog includes posts about everything from dog aggression and socialization to housetraining, although they primarily focus on dog training and how to address behavioral issues. This is an excellent site for those just starting out as they have tips on preparing for a puppy as well as how to start raising a puppy right from the start.

For those with older dogs, there are resources on manners, obedience, and training. Curious owners can delve into the dog behavior archives to learn how dogs communicate, why they do what they do, and how to work with the behaviors not against them. The online store features training resources written by Dr. Ian Dunbar, a veterinarian and animal behaviorist.

4. Dr. Patrick Mahaney – Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a Los Angeles-based holistic house-call veterinarian and certified veterinary journalist who blogs about pet care with compassion and knowledge. He freely shares stories of the pets in his own life alongside useful tips about maintaining healthy family animals.

Many of his recent posts are interviews with other top professionals in holistic animal care. These posts are accompanied by YouTube video links of the interviews. Dr. Mahaney has partnered with PURE Dog Food which is a Los Angeles-based natural pet food brand. Blog visitors can learn more about this food through extensive product reviews.

5. The Spruce Pets – With over 4,000 articles, the Spruce Pet is an excellent resource on all pet care-related issues. This blog has been around for over 20 years providing researched and timely information to pet owners of all kinds. They have extensive blog posts on dogs, cats, birds, small pets, reptiles, and even horses.

To ensure they have accurate content, they have a board of veterinarians who review content. Posts that have been board reviewed are noted with a special badge. They also note that product reviews are independent and they never receive compensation or consideration for featuring products but they may receive commissions if a reader chooses to make a purchase.

6. Veterinary Practice News – While this blog is specifically designed for aspiring or practicing veterinarians, it is a tremendous resource for pet owners who are concerned about their animal care.

This blog goes into detail about issues facing vets as well as those facing animals such as Covid transmission between animals, how to improve a veterinary practice, and the future of canine cancer treatment. There is also an education center for veterinary professionals that includes the latest advances in animal care.

7. SkeptVet – The SkeptVet is committed to evaluating the scientific validity of various medicines and therapies, and more generally to the promotion of evidence-based treatment for animals (and humans). The SkeptVet takes a dim view of faith-based treatments without sufficient and transparent effectiveness data and backs that view up convincingly.

This blog is written by a practicing veterinarian who aims to stay open-minded about pet care treatments but seeks to understand them from a scientific standpoint. Topics covered include acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and supplements, nutrition, vaccines, and more.

8. Dr. Phil Zeltzman’s Blog – Dr. Phil Zeltzman is a board-certified traveling pet surgeon, author, and speaker. He is also a Fear Free Certified veterinarian, meaning he has demonstrated a high level of competency in relieving fear, stress, and anxiety in pets during clinical visits.

He has a comprehensive blog that covers a range of topics including pet care, veterinary practice updates, case studies, and best practices. He comes across as a person who deeply cares about the well-being of pets and he offers advice on how to put them first. In addition to his blog he has written two books and has hundreds of published articles both casually and in journals.

9. Pete the Vet – The love of animals definitely transcends borders. Pete the Vet is a practicing veterinarian in Ireland and on his blog he covers pet care tips that apply in every country. In Ireland, he has also appeared on television and written pet care books. Stories on his blog cover all kinds of pets including cats, dogs, geese, hamsters, and chickens.

In addition to writing about pet care, he covers some political topics such as the impact of the Ukrainian war on animals and bans on breeding specific dog breeds.

10. DogTime – DogTime actually has four blogs for readers to choose from. Dear Labby is a pet advice blog where the author answers dog owners’ pressing questions, Save A Dog is a feel-good blog about dog rescues; Dog On Duty covers working dogs; and Celeb Pets is all about the fluffy canines of famous people.

This wide array of information is sure to keep readers entertained and engaged for hours. For pet care tips DogTime has an extensive dog health section.

11. PETA Blog – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is one of the most vocal and active animal rights groups in existence. They do not shy away from difficult topics and call out mistreatments across all industries and settings.

On their blog, they offer outstanding advice on how to make conscientious choices that can have an impact on the wellbeing of animals including consuming fewer animal products, advocacy at all levels of pet ownership, and how parents can help raise their children into responsible pet owners.

12. American Humane – American Humane is “committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals.” Their work included the “No Animals Were Harmed” program for Hollywood, animal welfare certifications for farms, and rapid response rescue programs. Their blog is an incredible resource on animal care, advocacy, adoption, and more. They feature many feel-good stories about working animals, rescues, and conservation. American Humane is an organization every pet owner should get involved with.

13. Oh My Dog – Maggie Marton is a mama, writer, and pet lifestyle pro who runs Oh My Dog. This sweet blog covers stories about her pets, her household DIY projects, training tips, and honest discussion about her life. Other pet owners can learn firsthand tips on how to care for their furry friends from a relatable person who has tackled similar issues. She also has excellent book recommendations in her archives of posts.

14. Companion Animal Psychology – Ever wonder why your pet does what they do? Well, the Companion Animal Psychology blog is a great place to find out why! Written by award-winning ​​author Zazie Todd, PhD, this blog breaks down all kinds of animal behaviors and the reasons behind them.

Dr. Todd is an animal behavior expert so the information on this blog is backed by research and science. She even offers a free newsletter that will deliver pet psychology tips directly to readers’ inboxes.

15. The Conscious Cat – Written by Ingrid King, The Conscious Cat is a resource for feline owners who are interested in intentional living centered on health and happiness. The animal care tips Ms. King offers include topics such as the value of pet insurance, how to provide enrichment activities for cats, and product reviews.

Ms. King has authored five books on cat care and behavior and is the definition of a “cat person.” Her previous work experience was primarily as a veterinary hospital manager and she is a certified veterinary journalist and professional member of the Cat Writers Association.

16. The Dogington Post – The Dogington Post goes above and beyond typical blogging and is a one-stop resource for the most current news on all things dog-related. Any question dog owners may have about how to care for their canines has probably been answered in this blog. The primary topics include entertainment, lifestyle, health and diet, and training.

They also have comprehensive product reviews to help dog owners choose the best products. Their Ask a Veterinarian section is written by veterinarian Chris Smith who addresses readers’ questions about a variety of dog care issues.

17. Saddle Seeks Horse – Equestrians need very specialized advice on everything from caring for their horses to the top gear to purchase. Saddle Seeks Horse is a lifestyle blog that covers everything horse centric from grieving the loss of a horse, to riding clinic reviews, gear recommendations, and feeding suggestions.

Written by Susan Friedland this blog is engaging and feels like chatting with a friend at the barn. The love of her life is her retired racehorse Tiz A Knight.

18. Guinea Pig Dad – The smallest pets can take the most attention. Guinea Pig Dad was started as an Instagram account where Si Lee shared pictures of his three sweet piggies. When one of them got sick he discovered there was a lack of quality guinea pig care information on the internet, so he started this blog.

This blog covers care tips, grooming recommendations, and guinea pig behavior. They also have a full suite of guinea pig products from cage liners to hay bars, supplements, and toys.

19. Relaxed and Forward – Anne Blake is an international equestrian trainer and clinician. Her primary discipline is dressage and that is what she bases her training on. She is the author of the Relaxed and Forward blog as well as six books.

Her approach to horsemanship is one rooted in communication and partnership, so her blog posts center on how to develop and maintain a strong relationship with your horse. Her writing comes from a place of experience and kindness. Every equestrian, no matter what discipline they ride, can learn something from this blog.

20. My Pet Chicken Blog – My Pet Chicken was launched in 2005 by Traci Torres and her husband, Derek Sasaki. They were brand new chicken hobbyists who were trying to create a resource for people just like them. In 2006 they began offering a full array of chicken care products and even began selling baby chicks.

The blog on their site is the go-to resource for anyone keeping chickens as pets. They cover health issues, enrichment ideas, and stories of other chicken hobbyists.

21. The Catnip Times – Looking for the latest in cat news? Look no further than the Catnip Times. This comprehensive blog has product reviews, kitty care tips, and even breed recommendations. Since they bill themselves as a news site they also cover political topics and current events.

They have a resource section as well that keeps track of information cat owners may need such as product recalls, adoption centers, and their online shop of recommended products.

22. Walkin’ Pets – Due to advanced veterinary care services, many pets can now live full and happy lives with a disability. However, they may require specialized care. Walkin’ Pets blog is a resource for all things pet disability-related from blindness, to missing limbs, neurological disorders, and hearing loss.

Not only do they feature cats and dogs but also lambs and possums. In addition to care tips, they feature stories of disabled pets as an inspiration to other disabled pet owners.

23. Pet Keen – The mission of Pet Keen is to “make the life of you and your pets easier and even more enjoyable.” Their blog is a comprehensive resource for how to care for almost any pet. They cover cats, dogs, fish, horses, small pets, and reptiles.

To ensure they are providing raiders with the most accurate information they have an outstanding veterinary review board that vets the information they publish. Currently, they have nearly 7,000 posts.

24. The Pet Blog Lady – Want to know what you need to know before bringing a chinchilla home? Or how to care for a Yorkie? Or what are the signs your dog should go to the vet? The Pet Blog Lady has got the answer. This fun blog intersperses wit and humor with up-to-date information on how to properly care for a variety of pets.

Since this blog has been published religiously since 2013, there is a wealth of archives on many topics.

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