Mobile Apps for Veterinarians


If you run your own veterinary clinic or work for a veterinarian, chances are you already make use of a vet app on your smartphone, and, perhaps are looking for more. Our list of veterinary apps below, all of which are for iPhone or Android, are geared toward diagnosis and treatment for use in animal health care. Several apps on our list feature calculators to help determine drug dosages, constant rate infusions, drip rates and more. Others have note-taking tools, guides for terminology, and news feeds or updates. However, you don’t need to be a veterinarian to use this list. Vet students and others in the field can find the tools helpful for learning and instruction.

Compendium of Veterinary Products: This app, available through iTunes, features more than 5,000 biological, feed medication, pharmaceutical and parasiticide product monographs. Users can also access contact information for more than 200 product distributors or manufacturers through this app, which is sponsored by Bayer. A biological index and withdrawal time charts are among other app features. Cost: Free.

DVM Calc: Veterinarians, vet techs and vet students who are working with small animals may find this app useful. Available through iTunes, the app features more than 50 calculators including several different constant rate infusion calculators and toxicity calculators. As well, a note function allows vets and vet techs to take notes of up to 300 words for each patient. Cost: $4.99.

Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D: This iTunes app is available to equine veterinarians, students studying large animal and equine science, or horse owners, who want to learn more about horse anatomy. The app covers bones, muscles, organs, and superficial landmarks. Each covered structure features a close-up view as well as audio pronunciation and comments. A quiz on more than 300 structures is provided. Cost: $4.99

Infinity Lab Retriever: The Android version of this app, rated at 5 stars, gives veterinarians the opportunity to check the lab results of their patients while on the go. Results can be searched by client, date range, or patient name. All results for a searched patient will then load and display graphically for easy reading. Direct dial to a patient or client home to discuss results is another feature. Cost: Free.

Merck Veterinary Manual: Although pricier than many other apps, this manual as a comprehensive on-the-go go manual for veterinarians and students looking for information on diagnosis, treatment and prevent of animal disease. Available for Android, Apple, and Blackberry, this app features more than 1,100 color images, tables and charts, and audio and video examples. A demo is available on the Merck Website. Cost: $49.99.

Pet Acoustics: This app, for your iPhone or iPod, plays relaxing music specifically designed for pets. The music has been specifically chosen for frequency and rhythm due to animals increased hearing sensitivities. You can choose My Dog and Me, My Cat and Me, or My Horse and Me categories, and can use the app during stressful and anxiety-provoking times, which could be when an animal is in in care in a clinic. Cost: $1.99.

Timeless Vet Drug Index: Available through iTunes, this evidence-based formulary contains drug information for the busy clinician. Users can search for information by drug name, and find relevant information for use in the clinic. As well, the app is available in seven different languages, including French, Japanese, and traditional Chinese. Cost: Free.

Vet Blood Tests Guide: Veterinarians can find differential diagnosis for blood tests and reference values for use in small animal care on this app made for Android. Categories include electrolytes and metals, hematology, hormones, and nutrients and metabolites, and more specifically within some of these: albumin, cortisol, hemoglobin, lipase, protein, red blood cells, sodium, and many, many more. Cost: $10.00

Vet Calculator: Designed for Android, this app can be an aid to veterinarians, vet students and technicians who need to do calculations to determine drug dosages, body volumes for transfusions and phlebotomy, constant rate infusions, and much more. An upgrade is available that includes even more calculations and options. With 4.5 stars, the Vet Calculator is highly rated. Cost: Free.

Vet Drugs Veterinary: This app, for Android, lists more than 600 drugs in use in veterinary practice for cats and dogs as well as the dosing information, indications, other names, and precautions for these drugs. Vets who don’t see a drug on the list can e-mail the developers who say they will add it in for the next version. Cost: $5.00

Veterinary AliveECG: Veterinarians can receive ECGs results instantly by snapping the AliveCor Veterinary Heart Monitor (which costs $199 through onto their iPhone 4, 4S or 5. Once the device is installed, veterinarians can use the app to begin recording ECGs. Notes and ECGs can then be store in the cloud for greater use. Cost: Free.

Veterinary Excellence Tool: This app, available through iTunes, can be useful to veterinarians, students, and anyone working in a veterinary clinic or even out in the field. Information about animal pharmaceuticals, and health care products, are quickly available at the fingertips. Products can be filtered by brand category, or species. A News Update section regularly provides information about news relevant to the industry. Cost: Free.

Vet Nurse Quick Reference: This app, available for Android, acts as an easy and quick reference guide for veterinarian nurses. The app includes biochemistry ranges for cats, dogs, and rabbits; a note-taking option; and calculation tools for doing body surface area, gas and liquid flow rates, and transfusion and infusion. Definitions for more than 300 terms are also featured. Cost: $2.99

Vet PDA Calcs: Put out by the University of California, Davis, this app gives users access to 22 different calculators that include bicarbonate dosing, corrected calcium, drip rates, equine fluids, temperature conversion, weight conversion, and much more. A custom input keyboard makes calculations on this iPhone app easy to do and understand. Cost: $4.99.

Barry Franklin (Co-Founder)

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